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Across the Ebony Character Bios: Dakota by MSTieMiss Across the Ebony Character Bios: Dakota by MSTieMiss
Across the Ebony and its characters  ©  Elle Baston 2008 - 2018. All rights reserved. 

Synopsis: Several years ago, scientists successfully created Anzeniths, a robot race with human-level independence, many of which being created from fresh human corpses. With stones called Heart Charms, they are given life with an artificial heart and special powers. However, due to being viewed as mere commodities by their creators and seeing imperfect models being destroyed, the Anzeniths feared for their lives and rebelled against humans. Forming a group known as The Black District, their goal is to make Anzeniths the only species capable of higher reasoning by driving humans to extinction and turning them into their own, their negative emotions corrupting their powers into a dark and twisted parody of their real selves. Now in the present day, it’s up to five teenagers and their guardian, an uncorrupted Anzenith fugitive, to use the power of the Heart Charms and transform into a team of fruit-themed magical girls in order to stop the evil Anzeniths’ terrorism against humans. Only with the mysterious Source Charm, a Heart Charm with infinite power, can they purify the Anzeniths from their corruption -- but will the girls be able to find it before their enemies do? 


Dakota Monroe
Birthday: August 27 (age 15)
Family: Unknown
Likes: Eating, camping, rock and country music, food in general, lions, soccer, football, winter, fireworks, meteor showers, partying, urban legends, chess, staycations, poetry, matcha, illusion magic, reading, spas, being with friends, incense, guitars, cooking, songwriting, Wynonna
Similar in personality to: Yukito (Cardcaptor Sakura); H
aruka (Sailor Moon); Pearl (Steven Universe)
Bio: Dakota first appears in the series as a guitarist for Keith’s boy band and is the catalyst for the main story. Dakota is very picky about relationships and prefers to play the long game as an off-gridder to avoid enemy discovery; however, this is a two-edged sword, giving other members of the team reason to suspect the rouge Anzenith of dubious activities. Although preoccupied with many emotional and psychological burdens, Dakota never becomes bitter or lachrymose, and is quickly established as strong, capable, manly and protective, as well as a compassionate, charming and perceptive individual who can be depended on when the chips are down. Dakota also enjoys lightheartedly teasing or flirting with other team members, especially with Wynonna. Dakota is a lover of food and isn’t above being completely self-indulgent on fitting occasions and is also a snappy dresser and slightly snarky. Ironically, Dakota isn’t very fond of technology and has a literal allergic reaction when exposed to electronic devices or Wi-Fi signals for too long.


Our last main character is Dakota, the sole remaining uncorrupted Anzenith! Since Dakota's Charm is weaker than the other's, I didn't know if that would mean an inability to transform or not, so I only did one drawing instead of having both civilian and magical forms like with the other characters. In the story's original drafts, Dakota (then named Derik) was really flat and a huge Mary Sue, so it's really neat to see how far he's come over the years :'3 I hope he'll continue to evolve into a really great, fleshed-out character

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