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Across the Ebony Character Bios: Courtney by MSTieMiss Across the Ebony Character Bios: Courtney by MSTieMiss
Across the Ebony and its characters  ©  Elle Baston 2008 - 2018. All rights reserved. 

Synopsis: Several years ago, scientists successfully created Anzeniths, a robot race with human-level independence, many of which being created from fresh human corpses. With stones called Heart Charms, they are given life with an artificial heart and special powers. However, due to being viewed as mere commodities by their creators and seeing imperfect models being destroyed, the Anzeniths feared for their lives and rebelled against humans. Forming a group known as The Black District, their goal is to make Anzeniths the only species capable of higher reasoning by driving humans to extinction and turning them into their own, their negative emotions corrupting their powers into a dark and twisted parody of their real selves. Now in the present day, it’s up to five teenagers and their guardian, an uncorrupted Anzenith fugitive, to use the power of the Heart Charms and transform into a team of fruit-themed magical girls in order to stop the evil Anzeniths’ terrorism against humans. Only with the mysterious Source Charm, a Heart Charm with infinite power, can they purify the Anzeniths from their corruption -- but will the girls be able to find it before their enemies do? 


Courtney Adams
Birthday: December 1 (age 13)
Family: Mother, father, older brother
Likes: Ancient Egypt, dragonflies, British period dramas, staying up late, summer, snooping around, the city, sleepovers, collecting video games, hibiscus flowers, jewelry, late-night excursions, being with her mom, hairstyling, gardening, surfing the web, bowling, the color pink
Similar in personality to: Umi (Magic Knight Rayearth); Mint (Tokyo Mew Mew); Chihiro (Spirited Away)
Bio: One of the main protagonists of the manga; a spoiled, abrasive girl from a rich family. Her dream is to be an egyptologist, a career path her parents are vehemently opposed to. While she errs on the side of caution, she is naturally curious but prefers leaving things to her imagination if investigating something further requires leaving her comfort zone. Despite preferring her mom’s company and having a soft spot for some cute and girly things, she always wanted to be like her dad when she was little, and is naturally inclined to hanging with guys at school instead of gossiping with girls. She is autophobic and gets panic attacks if away from family and friends for too long. A reluctant hero, she’s unable to accept something as wild as superpowers and androids. Her 19-year old brother Keith is the lead singer of his own garage band; Courtney sometimes challenges other members to ridiculously convoluted dares, much to Keith’s chagrin. She spends a lot of time on the Internet and is a competent hacker, but prefers analogue to high-tech and loves foppish British dramas and Jane Austen novels. A night owl by birthright, she can’t go to bed early and functions worse the earlier it is. She gets along the best with Jeannine and tries to break through Layla’s shell too.


After cancelling it for four years once The Caged Underworld came around in 2013, I decided to finally revive one of my oldest developing manga projects! Some of you may remember it's older drafts, but I can predict a good many of you don't -- when I first made my deviantArt account, I would post occassional artwork for this series and it's characters; while the bare bones of the plot was basically the same, it was a lot more dark and edgy at that time due to me being in my Madoka Magica/Yume Nikki phase at the time, not to mention seriously flawed as a whole. Rest assured, the story has had plenty of time to ferment over these past few years into a much better final product! Since November 2018 will mark the ten-year anniversary of it's initial conception, I want to start working hard on getting the chapters out so I we can ultimately celebrate together when the big day rolls around! To start, I'll be sharing bios of the six main protagonists over the next few days, so stay tuned for more developments! If you want to see all of them in one place without waiting, you can check out my Facebook page or become a $5+ patron on my Patreon!

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